County Carlow Tithe Wars, Barony of Rathvilly, Waterford Daily Mail 15 Jan 1834,

BARONY OF RATHVILLY—Mobs are daily patrolling the country BLOWING HORNS, and threatening with death any person who attempts to serve a law process. That part of the country is completely under the dominion of those lawless ruffians.—Ibid
ATTACK ON THE REV. MR. WHITTY.—On the morning of the 7th inst., Mr. Whitty, junior, accompanied by a person in his employment, proceeded to the lands of Garretstown, in the barony of Rathvilly, to serve those with latitats who were indebted to him for tithes. From the systematic manner in which the peasantry are now collected together by signals and horn blowing, a great number of persons from various parts of the barony were immediately on the spot, shouting, and flourishing every description of weapon, and threatening to murder Mr. Whitty and the man who accompanied him. Finding the mob surrounding him, and determined on his destruction, he attempted to retreat towards home. The mob commenced pelting him with stones, and appeared determined to obstruct his progress, when Mr. Whitty, in his own defence, was under the necessity of discharging a loaded pistol, the contents of which, however, did not take effect. His cowardly assailants retreated in turn, and Mr. Whitty and his attendant being well mounted, providentially effected their escape.—Ibid

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