Fight on a Surrey Golf Links The Scotsman 24 May 1905 p10c6

Fight on a Surrey Golf Links, The Scotsman, 24 May 1905,

It appears that for some time the caddies at Walton Heath Golf Club have been dissatisfied at the price paid them—1s. 2d. per round of eighteen holes. This is declared to be twopence more than the rate usually paid, and is regarded as an exceptionally good scale. An application was made for an increase of wages, and it is stated that ins one instances fourpence additional was paid. The exclusion of some of the caddies from the arrangement for an increase and their continuation of the work at the lower figure is said to have caused intense feeling between two sections, the villagers generally taking sides. The bad feeling appears to have extended to certain of the players and threats were made that the underpaid caddies would not be allowed to operate and that the gentlemen who engaged them would not be allowed to continue their game.One Sunday matters came to a head and several of the caddies declined to follow the golfers or allow others to do so, unless the received increased payment…

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