Fred Wunsch pension application first disability

Deposition of Frederick Wünsch, 26 Nov 1886, describing his injury incurred at the Second Battle of Bull Run

I incurred my first disability at the second battle of Bull Run, about September, 1862. On the night of the second day’s fighting, my regiment was stationed in an open field to cover the retreat of the Union army. Between 7 and 8 o’clock, when it was very dark, the enemy pressed us, and we were ordered to retire in haste. We all ran as hard as we could go, and when I had ran only a few yards, my foot struck against a dead man, and I was thrown headlong to the ground, on my face, with considerable force. I was stunned, and lay there a few moments before I had strength enough to get up, and catch up with my regiment. When I rose I felt sore in the bowels, and a pain in the left testicle. I marched three or four miles that night, and all day the next day until we got to Centerville, where we rested a day.

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