George Ward buys stolen balls The Surrey Mirror 25 Feb 1927 p4c2 clip

George Ward whose sons are “Keen on Golf” buys stolen balls from Walton Heath Caddies, Surrey Mirror, 25 Feb 1927,

“Golf Clubs and Balls, Buyers from Redhill and Reigate Warned,” The Surrey Mirror and County Post, 25 Feb 1927, p. 4, col. 2; Online Archives, The British Newspaper Archive, : 2016.
“SONS KEEN ON GOLF. George Ward, of 18, Nutlet-Lane, Reigate, a labourer, stated that on February 16th, P.C. Marlowe called upon him stating that he had information that Hines had sold him 16 golf balls. Witness replied: “If he did, I do not remember it, because I buy so many golf balls from so many different people.” The constable took 16 balls from a biscuit tin in which he kept golf balls.
Capt. H.M. Ellis: Do your sons use a lot of golf balls?—Yes, they are very keen on golf. They take two or three balls a day.
Capt. Tudor Rees: What is your average price for golf balls?—Ward: Sixpence each. If I can skin them and paint them then they are worth ninepence.
Capt. Ellis: Have you ever heard that there is a large illicit traffic in golf balls? No, sir….
The witnesses, Ward and Ford, were called forward. To Ward the Chairman said: “We want to give you a little warning. We think it is a very curious thing that you should buy golf balls from Tom, Dick, and Harry, chiefly from golf caddies.” – The Surrey Mirror, 25 Feb 1927

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