Caddies Gambling (again) at Walton Heath, Dorking Leatherhead Advertiser 30 Mar 1912

Caddies Gambling (again) at Walton Heath, Dorking Leatherhead Advertiser 30 Mar 1912,

“Walton-on-the-Hill,” The Dorking & Leatherhead Advertiser, Epsom District Times & County Post, 30 Mar 1912, p. 7; Online Archives, The British Newspaper Archive, : 2016.
“At the Epsom Petty sessions on Monday, George Ward, 3 Oakhill-road, Reigate; Robert Coe, 37 St. Mary’s-road, Reigate; and Alfred Gardener, 10 Nutley-lane, Reigate,
were summoned for playing banker on Walton Heath on the 8th last. –Mr. P. M Mahon defended, and pleaded not guilty, –P.C. Luff said on the afternoon in question he was in
plain clothes on Walton Heath. He heard the sound of money, and looking across to one of the shelters, he saw the three defendants seated. He approached the shelter in another direction, and from one of the partitions he watched defendants for several minutes. He then saw they were playing banker, and went up to them. Coe and
Gardener ran away, and Ward afterwards ran away. Witness caught him, when he said, “I am the unlucky one, and have lost most money.” — Cross-examined: Defendants were caddies, and the shelters were the property of the Golf Club. It was a very wet afternoon. –Coe gave evidence, and said they had been to the golf course and were walking back to Reigate. It was raining, and they took refuge in the shelter. They showed each other tricks with cards, and then had a friendly game of map. –In answer to Inspector Tudgay, witness said they ran away because they were frightened. –Gardener also gave evidence, and said they were playing a friendly game of map. –The bench decided to convict, and Inspector Tudgay said there had been numerous complaints in regard to gambling on the Heath, but it was difficult to get near enough to the offenders to catch them. –Sir William Vincent said it was notorious that at Walton Heath they had difficulty with the caddies. –Mr. MacMahon said he did not think that applied to the defendants, as he had been asked by a prominent member of the Golf Club to defend them. –Previous convictions were proved against Ward and Coe, who were fined 10s, Gardener being fined 5s.”

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