George Ward 54 High St Woolwich shop owner Kentish Mercury 28 Feb 1863 p5

George Ward and wife Bridget, 54 High Street, Woolwich leaving shop owner, Kentish Mercury 28 Feb 1863

THE WOOLWICH “LEAVING SHOPS.”—Walter Gee, 1, Market hill, Geo. Ward, 54 High street, James Borer, High street, William Butler, Warwick street, and mary Ann Davis, Union buildings, in this town, were summoned on Tuesday, by Mr. Varley, supervisor, and Mr. Hugh Tilsby, solicitor for the Crown, for keeping unlicensed pawnshops, commonly called “leaving shops,” contrary to the Pawnbrokers’ Act.

—George Ward was then called for a similar offense. A woman here acted as the pawnbroker, and as no evidence was adduced to show she was the wife of Ward, or that she acted by his authority, the case was dismissed.

Mr. Maude expressed his approval of the Excise taking these measures, and his surprise that poor people should frequent these places, and he further hoped that the present prosecution would be the means of doing away with the Woolwich “leaving shops.”

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