George Ward Walton Heath playing cards Surrey Mirror 20 Jul 1909 p3

Caddies Gambling at Walton Heath, Surrey Mirror, 10 Jul 1909,

Gambling. – At the Epsom Petty Sessions on Monday, George Ward of Reigate, Gustavis Faulkner, of Walton-on-the-Hill, William Tugwell, of Tadworth, William Huddy, of 10 Nutley-Lane, Reigate, and Albert Potter, of Beech-lane, Walton-on-the-Hill, were summoned for gaming with cards at Walton Heath on July 11th.—Defendants pleaded guilty—P.C. Pain said he was on duty in plain clothes with P.C. Eves, on Walton Heath, and saw defendants playing a game of “banker.” Witness secured 49 cards, two sixpences and two pennies. P.C. Eves secured Tugwell, but the others ran away and were later identified by witness.—P.C. Eves corroborated.—A previous conviction was proved against Huddy by inspector Faulkner, who stated that he had received many complaints against residents as to the card-playing, and he had had to send two constables in plain clothes to try and put a stop to it.—The Bench decided to fine Huddy 10s., the other defendants being fined 5s, each

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