Lopez Mumaugh drinks liquor for a living The Indianapolis Sun 1 Aug 1891 cropped

Lopez Mumaugh drinks liquor for a living, The Indianapolis Sun, 1 Aug 1891, newspapers.library.in.gov

Lopez Mumaugh lives at 137 Kennington St. with his wife and four children. His wife supports the family and he drinks red “licker” for a living, so the wife told the mayor Saturday. Friday night Mumaugh’s sister-in-law Juanna Wrench [Wünsch], came over to see the family, and while she was there he came home with his daily labor still in him. He commenced throwing dishes at the family cat and swearing at the dong until the sister-in-law objected. He had the objection and the objector both on the table, and pounded the latter until his wife appeared on the scene with a broomstick, when he fled. The mayor gave him 30 days to sober up.

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