Margaret Styles Kate Hayes appeal for Thomas Styles 29 Aug 1908 p6c6

Sisters Margaret Styles and Kate Hayes appeal for Thomas Styles, 29 Aug 1908

An Appeal for Stiles, Effort Will Be Made to Get Him Out of Penitentiary, The (Auburn NY) Citizen Advertiser, 29 Aug 1908, p. 6, col. 6; Notice of appeal from the conviction of Thomas Stiles in Recorder’s court on August 17 by which Thomas Stiles was committed to the Onondaga county penitentiary for a term of three months was filed in the county clerk’s office this morning. The appeal is on an affidavit made by Margaret Stiles, a sister who alleges that her brother was arrested by Officer Murray on August 15 and kept in lock up at the City hall until the 17th; that the arrest was made without any legal warrant and that Stiles was not given an opportunity to consult with counsel or notified of his rights. Also that the judgment of conviction was illegal. Bond in the sum of $200 was filed with Margaret Stiles and Kate Hayes as sureties. Attorney Frank M. Leary is attorney for Stiles.

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