California, Death Index, 1940-1997


California, Death Index, 1940-1997


  • Bertha Koning, Born: 16 Apr 1895, Birth Place: Michigan, Died: 29 Jan 1980 Death Place: San Diego Mother: Haan, Father: Vandermoere
  • Harriet Rottler Morrell, Gender: Female, Birth Date: 8 Mar 1872, Birth Place: Indiana, Death, Date: 31 May 1952, Death Place: Los Angeles, Mother's Maiden Name: Woerner, Father's Surname: Rottler
  • Harry H Whitehead, Birth Date: 12 Dec 1873, Birth Place: Other Country, Death Date: 26 Nov 1945, Death Place: Los Angeles, Mother's Maiden Name: Ward, Father's Surname: Whitehead
  • Howard W Armstrong, Birth Date: 5 Nov 1901, Death Date: 18 Jan 1983, Death Place: Riverside, Mother's Maiden Name: Rogers
  • Kathryn Vandermoere Roehm, Born: 23 Jan 1893, Birth Place: Michigan, Died: 24 Sep 1980, Death Place: San Diego, Mother: Haan, Father: Vandermoere
  • Lawrence F Brennan, Birth Date: 18 Aug 1885, Birth Place: New York, Death Date: 3 Sep 1940, Death Place: San Diego, Father's Surname: Brennan
  • Petrus Haan, Birth Date: 8 Feb 1869, Birth Place: Michigan, Death Date: 5 Mar 1940, Death Place: Marin, Mother's Maiden Name: Vanderslyck, Father's Surname: Haan
  • Vita Joan Hoffman, Birth Date: 15 Feb 1935, Birth Place: California, Death Date: 3 May 1992, Death Place: Los Angeles, Mother's Maiden Name: Schuetz, Father's Surname: Aquilino

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Original Data: State of California Department of Health Services, Center for Health Statistics