Cyrus Armstrong

Cyrus Armstrong
b: 1804
d: 1847
Hopestill Armstrong
10 Apr 1746 - 28 Jan 1806
Oliver Armstrong
26 Apr 1783 - 14 Sep 1836
Lydia Haynes
5 Jan 1756 - 24 Sep 1833
Cyrus Armstrong
1804 - 1847
Oliver Poole
5 Jun 1748 - 28 Dec 1812
Anna Poole
11 Jun 1785 - 17 Mar 1814
Sarah Ramsdell
15 Apr 1749 - 5 Aug 1847
  • 1804 - Birth - ; Vermont, USA
  • 1847 - Death - ; Clark, Ohio, USA
  • 2 Jul 1847 - Probate - ; Clark, Ohio, USA
PARENT (M) Oliver Armstrong
Birth26 Apr 1783Bennington, Bennington, Vermont, USA
Death14 Sep 1836 Clark, Ohio, USA
Marriage1802to Anna Poole at Vermont, USA
Marriage1815to Lucinda Paige at Clark, Ohio, USA
FatherHopestill Armstrong
MotherLydia Haynes
PARENT (F) Anna Poole
Birth11 Jun 1785Bennington, Bennington, Vermont, USA
Death17 Mar 1814 Springfield, Clark, Ohio, USA
Marriage1802to Oliver Armstrong at Vermont, USA
FatherOliver Poole
MotherSarah Ramsdell
MOliver H Armstrong
Birth11 Mar 1802Bennington, Bennington, Vermont, USA
Death9 Aug 1883Knightstown, Henry, Indiana, USA
Marriage29 Oct 1829to Sophia Umble at Clark, Ohio, USA
MDavid Armstrong
Birth14 May 1812Perrysburg, Wood, Ohio, USA
Death22 Jan 1864Gold Hill, Storey, Nevada, USA
Marriage24 Nov 1836to Esther Myers at Montgomery, Indiana, USA
FFidelia Armstrong
Birth23 Dec 1807Vermont, USA
Death5 Mar 1840Wolf Lake, Noble, Indiana, USA
Marriage16 Mar 1826to John Humphries at Clark, Ohio, USA
MCyrus Armstrong
Birth1804Vermont, USA
Death1847Clark, Ohio, USA
Marriage29 Apr 1841to Rachel Watt Thomas at Franklin, Ohio, USA
PARENT (M) Cyrus Armstrong
Birth1804Vermont, USA
Death1847 Clark, Ohio, USA
Marriage29 Apr 1841to Rachel Watt Thomas at Franklin, Ohio, USA
FatherOliver Armstrong
MotherAnna Poole
PARENT (F) Rachel Watt Thomas
Birth1815Pennsylvania, USA
Death1850 Clark, Ohio, USA
Marriage29 Apr 1841to Cyrus Armstrong at Franklin, Ohio, USA
MJames Cyrus Armstrong
BirthAbt. 1844Clark, Ohio, USA
DeathAbt. 1880Jasper, Illinois, USA
Cyrus Armstrong b: 1804 d: 1847
Rachel Watt Thomas b: 1815 d: 1850
James Cyrus Armstrong b: Abt. 1844 d: Abt. 1880
Alice Ann Baker b: Abt. 1847
Frank Armstrong b: Abt. 1869
Flora Armstrong b: Abt. 1874
Arthur Armstrong b: Abt. 1877
Jessie Armstrong b: Abt. 1879
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