Oxfordshire Wards Part II: James Ward of Aston and Cote

James Ward was born in 1771 in the hamlet of Aston and Cote, Oxfordshire. He fathered at least 16 children between 1800-1838 with two wives: Maria Willoughby (1774-1817) and Teresa Howson (1797-1850).

Oxfordshire Wards Part I: Thomas Ward, son of James. Which James?

Our 3rd great-grandfather Thomas Ward was born about 1813 near Witney, Oxfordshire, the son of James Ward, a labourer. Thomas moved to Mortlake, Surrey and married Mary Ann Maria Walters in 1838. They had 11 children. 2-3 years ago, I started looking for Thomas Ward’s family of origin in Oxfordshire. This is a summary of my research so far.