Thomas Styles attempts to break into jail Auburn Citizen 17 Aug 1908 p5c5

Thomas Styles attempts to break into jail, Auburn NY Citizen, 17 Aug 1908

Drunks and Scrappers Make up Stupp’s Monday Set, The (Auburn NY) Citizen Advertiser, 17 Aug 1908 p. 5, col. 5. A Mixed gathering of offenders appeared in Recorder’s court this morning. Thomas Stiles, after many attempts to break into jail for petty offenses, succeeded in getting a 90 day sentence in the Onondaga county penitentiary. On Saturday night he was intoxicated in North Street and refused to obey the commands of Officer Murray. When the latter attempted to enforce his command, Stiles showed fight and after Murray had succeeded in dragging him to the bridge he played possum and refused to budge. He was carried to the City Hall by the aid of other bluecoats and this morning on the charge of intoxication and resisting an officer got the “pen.”

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