Walton Heath caddie guarantee Sheffield Daily Telegraph 18 Jan 1910 p14 col4

Walton Heath Caddie Guarantee, Sheffield Daily Telegraph, 18 Jan 1910, http://www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk

“At Walton Heath,” Sheffield Daily Telegraph, 18 Jan 1910, p. 14, col. 4; Online Archives, The British Newspaper Archive, http://www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk : 2016. “At Walton Heath we have a system of guarantee for 30 of the caddies, under which they receive a minimum wage of £2 per four weeks. In order to remain on the list, they have to undertake to be ready to carry every day at 9 a.m., and they known that any bad conduct, either on or off the links, will entail their removal. When bad weather comes, they are certain of enough to keep body and soul together. The system has been going on now for more than 12 months, and has worked very well. We have also offered inducements to those who are physically fit to join the local Territorials, and have now a good percentage of the regular caddies in that body. This is also a move in the right direction. The whole question is, however, one of great difficulty, for it has to be remembered that managers of golf clubs have their members to think of, and it is no easy matter to supply 120 to 140 caddies on any one day, and bitter are the complaints when a man has to carry his own clubs. Still there can be no doubt that a grave responsibility is incurred in constant mixing up of grown-up undesirables and boys.”

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